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Why train at the online academy  Toxic Vanity ?

Learn from home, you can watch the classes from anywhere in the world!

Take the course at your own pace and without schedules, the classes are prerecorded and with immediate access

Videos recorded in Ultra HD, so you don't miss even the smallest detail

Receive a diploma in each course you take

Final personalized tutoring so you know how to improve.

Learn while having fun, without technicalities, you do not need previous experience

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Toxic Vanity

Since I was little my passion has been art and for me nails are ten small blank canvases where I can capture any idea. Expressing ourselves through nail art is not just a fashion, it is a way of life, a precious profession.
Since mid-2019, my purpose is to make it easy for you: pass on to you with all my love the knowledge that I have acquired in the last 20 years (of which 10 have been marked by the wonderful world of nails), tell you all the secrets of the techniques of drawing and painting applied to the nails and of course, that you manage to carry out any idea that crosses your mind or your clients demand. So from here you can learn from anywhere in the world with our online courses, reserve a place for our face-to-face courses and buy our products, whether you are a beginner, professional or just this is your hobby.
Our motivation is for you to go as far as you want to go, you set the goal, , we help you
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