Who is Toxic Vanity?

Who is Toxic Vanity? 1

Hello! I'm glad you want to know a little more about me, my name is Silvia Gago although many know me as Toxic Vanity, this name comes from the nail art blog that I founded in 2010 and that would unknowingly become my alter ego.

I have always had an artistic vocation and a very restless mind, thirsty for learning that has led me to more than 20 years immersed in the art world as a multidisciplinary artist, all these techniques have been very important for my personal and professional growth: graffiti , illustration, pen hyperrealism and customization of hand-painted clothing items.

In 2019 I started giving face-to-face courses in my country, Spain. I have always thought that the most beautiful form of art is the one that is created when it is shared. Being able to teach other people is simply something magical and wonderful. That same year that marked a before and after in my professional career, also had a very special moment, I participated for the first time in the Nailympion competition in Madrid, in the Flat Art Division 1 modality, of which I was champion with a 3rd prize.

During these years I have developed my own didactic technique after 10 years specialized in nail art and micro painting, to make learning easier for all those who want to learn with me.

Simplicity in teaching, fun and good results, I think they are the key to taking nail art to another level.
More than 2000 students have gone through my face-to-face courses since 2019, to whom I have absolutely everything to thank 🖤

In full confinement of the year 2020 we created the website and the Online Academy to be able to offer quality training to all those people who, for whatever reason, cannot do it in person.

This 2022 I continue to fulfill dreams, we must not stop having concerns and we must continue training, because without a doubt I always want to give you the best of me so that you achieve your excellence.
Thank you for your unconditional support, especially to all my students, you are also part of the team Toxic Vanity