Detail brush Jasmin 11mm

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"ONLINE Brush Cleaning and Care Masterclass" as a gift for the purchase of one or more brushes of our brand.

Our Jasmin detail brush is a hair brush that is longer than the rest, 11mm, which gives it versatility because you can use it both to delineate and to create lines, such as the arabesque technique. The star brush for all those who love to draw longer.

Meet Jasmin 11mm de Toxic Vanity and make it your favorite too.

detail brush

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All of our brushes are made of high quality natural kolinsky hair. You will not be able to resist our Jasmin detail brush, with its 11mm long that makes it very versatile and manageable, you can use it both to outline and to create lines.

Brush suitable for any type of technique, be it acrylic paint, gel painting, semi-permanent enamel ... Of course, don't forget not to mix your water-based technique brushes (acrylic paint, gouache, watercolor ...) with gel techniques. The ideal is to always have brushes for each of the two techniques.

detail brush

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