Nail Art Watercolor Brush 3/0

Nail Art Watercolor Brush 3/0 Made of ultra-fine and superior quality Kolinsky hair, the best quality for working with the watercolor technique since it has great water retention, with an extra-fine round tip, black lacquered handle and nickel-plated brass ferrule.

Specially designed so that you can work with watercolor in a precise, fine and perfect way, since thanks to its great precision you can make any design effortlessly..

thickness 1mm, hair length 5mm.Nail Art Watercolor Brush 3/0


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New specialized watercolor brush for nail art from high quality kolinksy hair.

Although it is a super versatile brush that you can also use for other techniques, such as gel paint, semi-permanent or acrylic paint... Of course, do not forget not to mix your brushes with water-based techniques (acrylic paint, gouache, watercolor...) with gel techniques. The ideal is to always have brushes for each of the two techniques..watercolor brush nail art 3/0

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Weight : 0,020 kg.
Dimensions 20x0,5x0,5 cm


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