Disney Christmas Online Course

Christmas is coming in our Online Academy! This time we are going to a cold place, near the North Pole in this Disney Christmas online course, in which Mickey and Minnie enjoy in the snow ... Learn how to make these perfect decorations for Christmas, the flakes, the glitter and Mickey and Minnie, who can resist? Encapsulated, freehand drawing, snow effect, all that and much more in this new course.

Access the content of this course at any time you want, the classes are composed of 8 recorded videos and more than 5 hours of total duration in HD so that you do not miss the smallest detail, in which you will learn to use the acrylic paint in the cartoon technique, how to fit each drawing on the nail, learning its exact proportions, creating symmetry, creating shadows and lights and also making encapsulations with gel, in addition to mastering the snow effect, an effect that is performed in a super fast way and that you will be able to give a lot of output to all the Christmas decorations.

Start freehand painting with our Disney Christmas online course!

This online course includes a final correction of the course work and a certificate after passing the practice. NOVELTY! From this year 2022 the access time to the course is 6 months from the moment of purchase *. List of materials downloadable in the course itself.
* Applicable to courses purchased from 2022.

Disney Christmas

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  1. Introduction Disney Christmas
  2. Encapsulate glitter with acrylic and gel
  3. Embossed snow effect
  4. Paper lace and Mickey nail design
  5. Paper lace and Minnie nail design
  6. Paper lace and Pluto nail design
  7. Final evaluation   

Disney Christmas

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