MASTER Online Nail Artist Beginner

NEW Beginner Nail Artist Online Master, created especially for you to perfectly master the most important fundamentals to start in freehand art. The house begins with the foundations, so we will start with a theoretical and practical course on Color Theory, we will make perfect gradients with my favorite technique that guarantees pristine results in record time and you will learn how to do Disney nail art, knowing how to correctly proportion each character .

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In this MASTER we will start with a renewed and updated course on Color Theory, where you will learn the mixtures of all colors, notions necessary to create your designs, you will learn to combine colors and together we will create a chromatic circle where we will achieve 84 different tones using only 5 colors. Then you will learn how to make gradients, you will understand how you should choose the colors to get perfect gradients and I will show you my technique with which you will make homogeneous and smooth gradients in record time.
To finish, I have prepared for you a super Disney nail art course, where we will carry out, from scratch, taking 10 Disney designs in Pop Art style from paper to tip, which will help you to create a good drawing base, starting from the that you can continue advancing in this beautiful world of nail art. You will learn to provide, to create exact tones, to make fine and thick lines with precision, to combine colors like a master of painting. All this and much more in the MASTER Online Beginner Nail Artist.
After completing this course, you will achieve a spectacular level of nail art that will allow you to stand out in your work, bill more and of course be able to advance in level ✨
Once you buy the course you can access your account on this same platform and start watching the videos, at your own pace and schedule. You will have 6 month access to all videos, at the end and delivery of your practices, you will receive a certificate from my Academy. Access the content of this course at the time you want, the classes are made up of 38 pre-recorded videos and 16 hours and 33 minutes of total duration in 4K quality.

What are you waiting for to learn in this Online Master to become a great nail artist? I'll wait for you!
Master Online Nail Artist Beginner

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Course content


Theory of color

● Introduction Theory of color
● What is color?
● Color history
● Color properties: Hue | Saturation | Luminosity | achromatic scale
● Color models: RGB | RYB | CMYK
● Color Classification: Primary | Secondaries | Tertiary
● The color wheel and how to use it in nail art
● Color harmonies and examples applied to nail art: Complementary and broken colors | Analogues | Monochromatic | triad | Adjacent | Tetrad | Square
● Contrasts and their examples applied to nail art.
● Practice: Creating our own color wheel
● Practice: Playing with the complements
● Practice: How to create skin tones
● Final exam (theoretical and practical)

Perfect Gradients

● Introduction
● How to make perfect gradients (theoretical class + practice)

Disney Pop Art

● Introduction and presentation of materials
● Jessica Rabbit Design
● Stepmother Design (Evil Queen)
●Daisy Design
● Minnie design
●Mickey design
● Aladdin's Genie Design
●Chop Design
● Jasmine Design
● Ursula Design
● Snow White Design
● Final exam (practical)

Master Online Nail Artist Beginner

Necessary materials

● Oval tips (40 units).
● Buffer.
● Cleaner or alcohol.
● Gel paint or semi-permanent enamels with very high coverage, essentials: white, black, cyan blue, lemon yellow and magenta. In the Color Theory course I work with the Art Gel 001 White Cotton, 002 Lemon, 008 Magenta, 014 Azure Blue and 022 Onyx, are available in the online store if you want to purchase them, it is the recommended material for the course. I will be working with the rest of the shades of Art Gel for the designs, in addition to the ones mentioned above.
● Pencil.
● Paper.
● Brushes: Jasmin 11mm, Ariel Shadow and Bella (recommended).
● Cellulose (lint free).
● Base Coat.
● Matt and gloss top coat.
● Optional decoration: glitter, reflective enamels...
● LED/UV or combined lamp.


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