Disney Simba Online Course

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Learn how to make this Simba-inspired set, a course designed for all those who are new to nail art and freehand drawing.

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In this course, composed of 8 videos and 3 hours of total duration where you will learn how to fit drawings on the nail, proportions, lights and shadows, to handle acrylic paint in the cartoon technique, in addition to creating secondary decorations such as velvet effect, ethnic geometric design (straight lines) and gradient with animal print.

Get started painting freehand with our Disney Simba online course!

This online course includes a final correction of the course work and a certificate after passing the practice. See the list of materials in the “Required Materials” tab below. NOVELTY! From this year 2022 the access time to the course is 6 months from the moment of purchase*.
* Applicable to courses purchased from 2022.

Nail Effects

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    1. Introduction Disney simba
    2. Velvet effect footprint design
    3. Gradient design + animal print
    4. Ethnic geometric pattern design
    5. Paper lace Simba small
    6. Small Simba design
    7. Paper lace Simba large
    8. Large Simba design
    9. Final evaluation https://www.instagram.com/toxicvanitynails/

disney simba

Necessary materials

  •  ● Oval tips.
  •  ● Blu-Tack (adhesive putty).
  •  ● Fine grain polisher or file.
  •  ● Matte top coat and gloss top coat.
  •  ● Acrylic paint or gel paint: yellow, terracotta, orange, red and black.
  •  ● Cup.
  •  ● Semi-permanent enamels or gel paint: white, black, mustard and brown (if you don't have mustard or brown you can mix it with basic colors, I'll tell you how in the course).
  •  ● Black gel paint.
  •  ● Detail brush Mickey 7mm.
  •  ● Clear acrylic powder.
  •  ● Paper napkin.
  •  ● Flat stand to use as a mixing palette.
  •  ● LED/UV or combined lamp.

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