Online Course Color Theory for Manicurists and Perfect Gradients

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NEW Online Course Color Theory for Manicurists and Perfect Gradients, learn how to mix colors easily and create beautiful gradients quickly and perfectly.

We have improved and updated our star course of Theory of color adapting it 100% with a focus for manicurists, so you can use this important color knowledge on your work table and create beautiful nail art following the rules of Colorimetry. Also, we have added a theoretical-practical class of gradients, applying the rules of Color Theory.

The Theory of Color is the Pandora's box of art, it is a fundamental part that every artist must know to carry out their work correctly and that is that artists always work with color. Manicurists, as artists, must know these rules in which through the three primary colors, we form the rest of the tones, and we learn to combine them with each other.

It is also very important to know these rules to benefit from having a reduced color palette without giving up painting with any tone we need, today the ranges cover hundreds of shades, but what if I offer you to save money by buying dozens of colors and that you learn to use the primaries to create any color?

What will you learn in this online course on Color Theory?

In this course with theoretical and practical videos, lasting 6 hours and 40 minutes, you will learn to mix colors with each other to get any shade easily. In the theoretical part you will discover the fundamental properties about color and understand it like never before. You will know how to combine the colors being a master.

We will do some basic color mixing exercises so that from now on you know how to get each tone and learn to combine them with each other, creating a complete color circle where we will be able to create 84 different tones using only 5 colors, which will help you to fix the technique and use it as a reference in your future works. Also you will learn to create skin colors with different shades and undertones.

In addition, I will teach you the rules that you must follow to choose the colors in your gradients, so that they are harmonious and beautiful. We will create gradients together in tips, where you will see my perfect gradient technique, which will save you a lot of time in the salon leaving a spectacular finish. Access the content of this course at the time you want, the classes are made up of 17 pre-recorded videos and 6 hours and 40 minutes of total duration in 4K quality.

Are you ready to understand color like never before?

This online course includes a final correction of the course work and a certificate after passing the practice. See the list of materials in the “Required Materials” tab below. NOVELTY! From this year 2022 the access time to the course is 6 months from the moment of purchase*.
* Applicable to courses purchased from 2022.

Online Course Color Theory for Manicurists and Perfect Gradients

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  1. Introduction Theory of color
  2. What is the color?
  3. Color history
  4. Color properties: Tone | Saturation | Luminosity | Achromatic Scale
  5. Color models: RGB | RYB | CMYK
  6. Color classification: Primary | Secondary | Tertiary
  7. The color wheel and how to use it in nail art
  8. Color harmonies and examples applied to nail art: Complementary and broken colors | Analogues | Monochromatic | triad | Adjacent | Tetrad | Square
  9. Contrasts and their examples applied to nail art.
  10. Practice: Creating our own color wheel
  11. Practice: Playing with Complements
  12. Practice: How to create skin tones
  13. How to make perfect gradients (theoretical class + practice)
  14. Final exam (theoretical and practical)

Online Course Color Theory for Manicurists and Perfect Gradients

Necessary materials

  •  ● Paper to print the templates and practice mixing
  •  ● 24 oval tips to make gradients.
  •  ● Glossy top coat to finish the gradients.
  •  ● Gel paint colors: White Cotton (white), Onyx (black), Magenta, Lemon Yellow (lemon yellow) and Azure Blue (Cyan).
  •  ● Surface to make the mixtures.
  •  ● A brush, style Ariel Shadow or Bella #4.
  •  ● (PDF files with downloadable templates are included)
  •  ● UV/LED lamp to cure designs.

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