Disney Aquarelle Online Course

Finally we present our first online watercolor course, and what better way than to debut with this couple, Mickey and Minnie. Watercolor is a style that falls in love, easy, fast and of course beautiful and full of color. In addition, the Disney Aquarelle online course is suitable for all levels, so do not worry if you have never touched watercolor before, with it you will learn to handle this technique focused on Cartoon characters.

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Access the content of this course at any time you want, the classes are composed of 6 pre-recorded videos and 150 minutes of total duration in UHD so that you do not miss the smallest detail, in which you will learn to use acrylic paint In the minimalist technique, how to fit each drawing on the nail, learning its proportions, color mixtures, applying the color evenly, making clean lines and well-marked color cuts. Some designs that are made in an ultra-fast way and that are perfect for the nail salon.

Fall in love with watercolor with us!

This online course includes a final correction of the course work and a certificate after passing the practice. See the list of materials in the “Required Materials” tab below. NOVELTY! From this year 2022 the access time to the course is 6 months from the moment of purchase*.
* Applicable to courses purchased from 2022.

Disney Aquarelle

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  1. Introduction Online course Disney Aquarelle and preparation of tips
  2. Lace on paper designs
  3. Mickey Aquarelle design
  4. Minnie Aquarelle design
  5. Aquarelle lettering design
  6. Final evaluation   

Disney Watercolor

Necessary materials

  •  ● White stiletto tips.
  •  ● Blue-Tack (adhesive putty).
  •  ● Fine grain polisher or file.
  •  ● Glossy top coat and matte top coat.
  •  ● Watercolors of various colors: yellow, red, green, magenta, violet, cyan blue, dark blue, violet, black and white.
  •  ● White acrylic paint (optional).
  •  ● Natural hair brushes for watercolor 00 and 0, as well as a detail brush.
  •  ● Cellulose.
  •  ● Glass of water.
  •  ● LED/UV or combined lamp.


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