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Our first course focused on those who want to get started in realism. At Catrinas B&W course You will learn to make realistic faces of catrinas in black and white, knowing how to provide a face correctly, lights, shadows, textures ... using the acrylic painting technique.

Course not suitable for beginners, a good base of drawing on faces is required, even in cartoon style. Material included in the course except brushes, includes coffee break and certificate is delivered. Limited places. Choose from the available cities to attend this very cool course!

  • VALENCIA Saturday April 23, 2022

Total price of the course € 180, to discount the reservation. The purchase of this product is equivalent to the reservation of the Catrinas B&W course, the rest will have to be paid on the same day of the course.

* The reservation is not refundable under any circumstances. 

* If you do not notify before 15 days that you are not going to attend, there is also no option to transfer the reservation to a next date in case of non-attendance to the course by the student..

Catrinas B&W Course

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El Catrinas B&W course It includes all the material except the brushes, which must be brought by the student.

The end time is approximate. The training includes coffee break and certificate.

Catrinas B&W course

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