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El African Woman course It is perfect for those who want to get started in realism with the wonderful technique of semi-permanent enamel. In this face-to-face course you will learn how to make a realistic face with great detail: you will learn to provide a face correctly, undertones, lights, shadows, textures… In addition to learning to create a design with continuity on several nails. With this technique you can create endless realistic designs.

To take this course it is essential to know how to work with semi-permanent enamels, it is not necessary to have prior notions of realistic drawing. If you have doubts as to whether you have the necessary level to take this course, you can consult us on WhatsApp. Material included in the course except brushes, includes coffee break and certificate is delivered. Limited places. Choose from the cities available to attend this very cool course!


Total price of the course € 180, to discount the reservation. The purchase of this product is equivalent to the reservation of the African Woman course, the rest will have to be paid on the same day of the course before starting the training.

* The reservation is not refundable under any circumstances. 

* If you do not notify with a minimum of 14 days to the date of the training that you are not going to attend, there is no option to transfer the reservation to a next date in case of non-attendance to the course by the student..

African Woman Course

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El African Woman course It includes all the material except the brushes, which must be brought by the student.

The end time is approximate. The training includes coffee break and certificate.

African Woman course

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