Foundation Building 15ml

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Thanks to the innovative formula of Base building, you can lengthen the natural nail up to 1 cm. Thanks to its consistency and its contoured brush, the application of our Base Building is extremely simple..

Why choose this foundation?

It is flexible, use it to level the natural nail and make it look simply perfect.
It's dense, so it makes it easy to build the nail and create a perfect C-curve.
Being resistant, it allows you to lengthen the natural nail up to 1 cm.
Self-leveling, facilitates precise application without unsightly unevenness.
Problems with brittle and thin nails? Use the Base Building as reinforcement.
Easy to remove with a file or acetone. Duration up to 5 weeks!

Curing time in a UV/LED lamp 2 min, LED 60 sec. Made in Europe. Vegan product and not tested on animals.

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1 valuation Foundation Building 15ml

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  1. Monica Gil-Martinez (Verified owner) -

    In love with the product, I loved its consistency and the maximum duration of my manicures after using all the products in the range. totally recommended

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