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Our new ones are here Art Gel!

What are Art Gels? The revolution of painting gels: they are resistant and long-lasting, they do not move when applied and, thanks to their intense pigmentation, they guarantee perfect coverage in a single layer. Without an inhibition layer that makes them perfect for your freehand decorations such as cartoon, arabesques, one stroke, zhostovo and everything you want!

Vegan product and not tested on animals.



very high pigmentation


No inhibition layer after 60 seconds in the lamp (for effects/foil application and to maintain the inhibition layer, cure only 30 seconds)

Consistency that allows fine, pigmented lines to be drawn without splitting

10,90 VAT Incl.


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Weight/size 0,030 kg
Sizes 3,5x3,5x3,7 cm

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  1. Rebekah River Fernandez (Verified owner) -

    It pigments super well, it's amazing

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