Art Gel

Professional quality painting gel, our Art Gels will allow you to create super quickly, since all our colors are very saturated, contain a very high concentration of pure and top quality pigments and are made in Europe, they are vegan and not tested on animals. . In addition, the range of colors is specially designed so that you can make any design with our collection.

Thanks to its consistency, you will get complete coverage in a single layer. You will be able to do wonders with them: from arabesques, one stroke, zhostovo, cartoon to realistic designs.

Know them and you will not want to use others!

  • Generic image
  • ArtGel | 001 Cotton White
  • ArtGel | 002 Lemon
  • ArtGel | 003 Vanilla
  • ArtGel | 004 peach
  • ArtGel | 008 Magenta

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